Tuesday, 25 January 2011

How to dispose of a dead fox in the garden

Well! Well! Well! What did we find at the back of our garden? It was a dead fox!!! It was just lying there as if it was still sleeping. We think it was poisoned and died at the back of our garden. Poor thing!!! Well, the next thing that came to our mind was how to get rid of it. Simple question but complicated answer. First idea was to go on-line and get answers. Went on-line and found out that the council will not dispose of a dead fox in your garden except if it was by the street. So what do we do with a dead fox? There were loads of hilarious answers on-line. Some said to make a fox soup with it, others suggested tying the tail to your neighbours car and take pictures as your neighbour drives away. Others suggested burying it but I didn't fancy that idea. I was prepared to pay to get rid of it especially if it was poisoned. Well, called the council's customer services and they were very helpful. Explained to them that I think the fox was poisoned and I didn't really know what to do and they sent pest control who were very efficient. Within few minutes, they arrived at my address and got rid of the fox. The guy thought it was poisoned in another person's garden but died at ours. So, if ever you get a dead fox in your garden and you suspect it may have been poisoned, call your council customer services and they will help you out. Just thought I should share this since there are few answers on what to do with a dead fox in your garden.

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