Thursday, 16 March 2017

Poem - Who are you?

A poem titled 'who are you'?

Who are you?
Do you know who you are?
Who are you?
Not the you that was moulded by family or society,

Who are you?
Do you know?
Do you seek to know?
Do you really want to know?

Who are you?
Do you like yourself?
Do you like who you are?
Do you accept who you are?

Who are you?
Are you still searching?
Are you still crying?
Are you still finding?

Who are you?
You are you
You are beautiful
You are unique
There is no one like you

Love who you are
Accept who you are
Embrace who you are
Value who you are

Written by Lilian S

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Beautiful day in London today

The sun was out and the day was warm. Many people were out on the park relaxing and soaking in the sunshine.

The sun does bring with it some happiness!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Henna and Indigo on my hair - it worked on my hair!

I love the result!

I went natural last year and did not want any more chemicals in my hair again. My hair was damaged from years of chemical use to straighten it but is now growing well and I am in love with it in its natural state.

I started noticing some grey hair in front of my hair. I am not bothered by it but on one of my research, I found that henna and indigo could be used to darken grey hair. I decided to try it out and it sure did work.

I noticed that for my hair length, I didn't need a full sachet of henna and indigo. For next time, I don't need to apply the henna all over my hair.

Anyway, I love the result!

Some grey hair in front

The result

Henna- I mixed with lemon juice and left in a warm dark room for about 5 hours

Henna application
After henna application - the grey turns red in colour

Indigo application

final result - dark hair

Friday, 10 March 2017

Nigeria leader Buhari back home

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has returned back to the country after spending weeks in the United Kingdom. 

He is said to have stated that he will "continue to rest" after returning home from seven weeks of medical leave in the UK.

Welcome back Mr president! 

The country has aniticipated and waited for your return. 

Good morning!

Good morning to you all. I hope you have had a lovely week and are getting ready for the weekend. After this morning's commute which was again uncomfortable, I am ready for being in the comfort of my bed chillaxing!

What is it with inconsiderate people? I mean, it is not like we are in Spring or Summer. It is absolutely freezing in the mornings so why open the train windows to suffocate us with the noise, breeze and freezing blast of icy wind? 

Honestly, I think some people are just awkward and selfish! How can they be warm or hot in this freezing weather?

Anyway, a brave gentleman went over to one of them that opened the windows and gently asked them to close the windows. Thank you, sir, for saving all of us in that carriage from another uncomfortable commute!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

More than 100 die from hunger in one region - Somalia Drought

More than 100 people were reported to have died from Hunger in Somalia. Somalia's President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, declared the drought a national disaster on Tuesday. The Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Haire, says 110 people have died from hunger in a single region amid a severe drought. As well as the lack of food caused by the drought, there are many cases of dehydration.

Source: Read more:

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

It's a new month!

I woke up this morning to a  buzzing phone full of text and Whatsapp messages. Wow, I thought to myself, something must be happening. On a normal day, I don't get a lot of messages in the mornings.  As I got up from the bed, my stomach flickers with some excitement and I wondered who the messages were from and the content in them. My mind segues through possible contents and even meandered through some fantasies.

It could be good news from my siblings or mum!
Or, it could be text messages from an organisation inviting me for a talk!
Or, It could be a surprise from my dearest!
Or, it could be pictures, memes or annoying videos sent by some random person that I am unaware has my telephone number!

I take my time opening each of the messages. I open the first message from my sister and it was a message wishing me a 'happy new month' . I replied and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. I open the next message and it was the same type of message wishing me a happy new month. Each of the messages I received were wishing me a happy new month.

I noticed that most of these messages were from Nigerians, there is a pattern to this and this phenomenon has really caught up with most Nigerians. Each month is the same. I receive these sort of messages followed by a bombardment of prayers and memes prophesying safety, protection and God's guidance for the month.

I put this phenomenon down to two critical trends:

1. Religion: There are several religious groups in Nigeria including the latest wave and proliferation of evangelical churches that has brought with it a narrative led by 'men of God'. It starts with prayers offered for the new month and messages from 'men of God' wishing their congregation a happy new month. A harangue that suggests that in the midst of the evil going on in the world today, 'one must appreciate and be grateful for making it into a new month.

2. The life expectancy: According to the World Bank 2012 report, the average life expectancy for a Nigerian residing in Nigeria is 52 years. Nigerians appreciate life and being alive!  Who wouldn't be? After all, it is not easy being alive and living in a country with a harsh economy, lack of good governance, high poverty rate, lack of social amenities, facilities and infrastructure.

The trend has also caught up with Nigerians in diaspora. Half of the messages I received were from Nigerians in diaspora.

I am not in anyway against this, but seek to understand this phenomenon. Is a new phenomenon or have I been in the dark and this has been going on for ages? Maybe it is a universal phenomenon and everyone receives a text message every month. Please share your experiences.

Thank you to all those who took their time to wish me a happy new month. I appreciate! Here is wishing you a wonderful month too!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Nigeria-Kidnapped German researchers released

German researchers, Breunij, and his research assistant, Johannes Buringer, have been freed.

They were kidnapped on Feb 22 at an archeological excavation site in Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

They have been working at the Nok Archeology Centre Kagoro in the last 10 years.


Friday, 24 February 2017

South Africa - what is going on with the attacks on foreigners?

What a shame regarding the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. I saw pictures and videos of the attacks and I must say I am disappointed. The hate in those eyes, the weapons held chasing and destroying homes of 'foreigners' were frightening. This is not only sad but shameful!

What has happened to humanity?

This is not the first time this has happened.

Where are the African leaders?

Perhaps, South Africans need a lesson in history.

Who were your comrades, your brothers, your supporters during the epoch of apartheid?

Who stood by you and fought along side you for freedom to end apartheid?

May the gods forbid that you were blinded by your hate and forgot to remember your past.

Before you pick up a stone, machete, knife or any other weapon you use to kill or maim others in the name of Xenophobia, know this:

During the apartheid era, Nigeria campaigned at the international level, took the campaign to the Commonwealth of Nations clubs and United Nations and was even given the position of permanent chair of committee to fight apartheid.

Thousands of South African youths were given scholarship to study in the country‟s Universities, nursing schools, polytechnics and colleges of education.

President Nelson Mandela during his courtesy visit to Nigeria, stated that Nigeria was the first country to make the highest donation to his liberation in the sixties.

Nigeria’s fight against apartheid was one foreign policy agenda that had a consensus gentium in the nation, songs were written and sung by Nigerian top musicians to end the apartheid; university students formed solidarity youth clubs supporting their fellow 'African brothers' and young Nigerians contributed from their little pocket monies to the struggle (Danfulani, 2014).

During that period, Nigeria, with the support of all the African nations took a decision to boycott all South African participation in sports (Vanguard Nigeria).

You forget!

You ask your 'brother' who like you is also struggling and looking for daily bread, to leave your country because they are taking your jobs, marrying your women etc.

You carry weapons and kill them, burn their houses, their shops and destroy their source of livelihood!

You forget so easily!

African leaders over to you! Stop this mess! Educate the people! Stop the killing!


Danfulani, J. (2014), The End of Apartheid: A Redefinition of Nigeria Foreign Policy. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 19, Issue 11, Ver. III (Nov. 2014), PP 53-57

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Storm Doris- My travel woes

I am home today because I feel poorly! When the Met Office warned about the advent of Storm Doris, I didn't think I would be affected any way other than being hit by strong winds. 

Little did I know what was in store for me! I got to London Kings Cross at about 17:15 to get the 17.44 train home. On getting to the train station it was chock-a-block. I could not even get close to the main entrance of Kings Cross station because of the large number of people in and around the station. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. 

I braced myself for a long wait. 

I waited and waited and waited!

I got colder and colder and colder!

I knew that the cold was going to affect me! I was just too cold and hungry but also too weak to get something to eat.

I waited and finally, after waiting almost 4 hours after my arrival at the station, a train departure was announced. I ran for it but on getting close to the doors, I could see that the train was full to the brim and there was no space for me and others to get in. I was almost close to crying. 

I was so cold and weak, I kept running down the length of the train looking for any carriage that I could squeeze past people to get in. Finally, I squeezed in. Even though the train was not going to my final destination, I thought it would do, anything other than waiting in the cold station without any news of what was going on.

The train reached its final destination and we were all ushered back out into the cold and started another wait in the cold. Soon after, it was announced that all passengers would have to complete the remainder of their journeys via taxi, paid for by the rail company. There were hundreds of people at the train station waiting to get on the taxis which must have cost them a small fortune. 

After a few more hours of queuing, it was now my turn to be allocated a taxi with 3 other commuters travelling to the same destination. The drive was good bearing in mind they put 4 strangers in a taxi. I initially thought of how awkward the journey would be with strangers butiIt is funny how adversity can bring people together. This same 4 people, had we sat on the train would not have spoken to one another but here we were, chatting like old friend about the event of the day. It would take another hour on the taxi to get home.

I am grateful that I made it home and on the mend now. I read that Storm Doris was not too kind to many.

I got home OK and even though I am recovering from the effects of the cold weather and time lost, I am grateful no other hurt came to me! My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered more due to storm Doris!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storm Doris has descended on us!

The Met Office did issue a warning about the arrival of storm Doris and the disruptions it would bring with it when it arrives. Well, storm Doris has descended upon us!

Like a petulant child, I ventured outside the office in London and just instantly, I regretted going outside the building. The force of the wind that hit me was kind of a warning giving me some subtle messages and resetting my brain to ask myself why I was even outside in the first place.

As per usual, I stubbornly continued walking and this time, the wind came back much more powerful and everyone around me was screaming. I continued walking instead of turning back. But not for long as the next wind that hit was so strong that everyone around me stopped to look for something to hold on to. I had my back to a wall!

As I took another step forward forcing myself to move through the gust of the wind, I almost started crying! By then, particles found their way into my eyes and I could not see where I as going. The wind was just too strong and there was no point fighting the wind. I thought to myself, this is what happens when one does not listen to common sense. I should have stayed in the building! No one sent me outside!

How was storm Doris where you are?

Sunday, 19 February 2017

And this...

Nigerians do have their own special sense of humour!

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Friday, 17 February 2017

Female Genital Mutilation - Manchester court obtained the highest number of FGM Protection Orders in the country

As girl living in Africa, I have heard so much about this practice. I never actually knew about this practice until in my late teens when there was a lot of publicity about it in the media and many NGOs going around schools discussing about the effects of the practice.

One day, I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing about this issue and I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do this to their daughter and how the practice is so alien to me that I found the whole thing difficult to understand.

My friend told me her story. She was circumcised and so was all her five sisters.

My friend told me that it was the custom in her place of origin - south of Nigeria. She and her siblings were all circumcised when they were very young. We discussed about the effects of it on her as an adult. I was so sad after that conversation. It became real that someone so close to me had gone through this.

Another girl I know told us of how young girls are dragged to the village to have this done to them. The trauma this act causes to a young girl cannot be fully told. It starts from the whole secrecy in hiding this from the young girl to taking her to an unsanitary dingy hut with strangers holding her down and using unsterilized blades to cut off her parts. Many times, the act is done without anesthetic!

One of the worst things any young girl could go through.

Where do these practices stem from and why is it perpetuated by women. It is usually mothers who take their own daughters to have this done. It is usually older women that cut the girls.

The practice I was told stems from trying to make girls less promiscuous.

Why would any mother want to take off a part of her daughter's body that brings pleasure just to stop her from being promiscuous? Is there anything wrong in a girl enjoying pleasure? who defines what is promiscuous and under whose moral code or standard are we defining promiscuity? Why is it wrong for a girl to be promiscuous but not so for the men?

The idea that if a girl does not experience pleasure then she will not be promiscuous is unfounded.

I just read that a Manchester court obtained the highest number of FGM Protection Orders compared to any other court in the country.

It is alarming that with all the exposure, information and the devastating effects of this on young girls, that this culture of FGM is going on here in the UK.

It is worth understanding how culture and customs have a strong hold on people and why people are unwilling to unlearn things ingrained in them from childhood.

The past can never be forgotten or erased - Emmanuel Macron under fire from his right-wing opponents

Is it intellectual dishonesty to dismiss or enfeeble the effects of colonialism on Africa today?

I was glad to read that French politician Emmanuel Macron, admitted to and recognised the cruel nature of France's colonial rule particularly in Algeria by calling France's colonisation of Algeria a "crime against humanity,".

And true, France with other colonial powers did commit innumerable atrocities in many African countries.

Such rhetoric will not come without opposition. Emmanuel Macron has come under fire from his right-wing opponents for  AFP news agency reports.

Mr Macron visited the Martyrs' Memorial in Algeria this week, and said in a television interview that France's actions during the colonial era were "genuinely barbaric, and constitute a part of our past that we have to confront by apologising".

We must never forget what colonialism did to Africa. We need more brave politicians, academics etc to challenge and change the narratives of how Africa is perceived and tell the truth, the truth about the history of colonialism in Africa, the devastation caused, expropriation of land, natural and human resources, erosion of African traditions and religion and stifling the truth about African ingenuity.